I`m Oscar Álvarez Strategic Creative based in Madrid (Spain) with + 15 years experience. I provide creative answers with strategic vision for projects of Branding, Digital Comms and Retail Design.

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Creativity and strategy are a powerful couple to boosting your brand, improving the recognition, increasing credibility and build long standing relations with your clients. It is always necessary to adjust the creative process to the context of each project to obtain the appropriate responses, analyze the strategic positioning of the brand and its relationships (In + Out). With this information making the most relevant decisions is always simpler and more effective.

Today we have many conceptual tools to reach goals, Design Thinking to create real innovation, User Experience (UX) to research and to identify for the real audience and Customer Experience (CX) to build memorable experience for your clients.

Do you have a fantastic project in hand and looking for creative energy to boost it? Here I am open to your proposal, do not hesitate and get in touch with me.


Becoming relevant to your public in the middle of the actual competition to reach the attention of the biggest audience possible, it is a daily challenge. A well defined positioning and a clear proposal of value are key to engaged with clients in the long term. Every day more, the challenge today is not to be recognized.

It´s to be remembered.

Brand Design / Brand Manual / Brand Architecture / Brand Positioning / Naming


Today our world is digital and a brand needs to tell its story in a clear way and  do it at first person. You don't need to be in everywhere, you need to be where your brand is more relevant to create real value. Your comms must express your values in a coordinated way at multi channels with open and honest speech to interact with the audience.

Make things work for your brand.

UX / UI / Web Design / E commerce / WordPress / SEO / App / Photografy / Video / Digital Marketing


Because the massive digital presence of the competition and when the accessibility to products and services is the key of the mostly buy decisions. It is the right moment to build a great buy experience into your shop, a memorable and differentiating experience that may attract real attention from your clients.

The experience builds your memories.

Interior Design / Stand / Exposition / Event / Furniture design / PLV / 3D