Nomos Bank


The brief for the concept was to create a design that would enable Nomos Bank to advance some way past its competitors, and become the leading Moscow Retail bank for the mass plus segment.

The current office layouts do not lend themselves to delivering the service standards to which NomosBank are aspiring, the formal set out of the offices with many barriers and completely closed offices, are not inviting to customers, nor is the general look and feel which tends towards being quite cold in atmosphere. All of these issues had been rectified with the new design, and it should be a better place for employees to work, as well as clients to visit however employees will have to change some of their behaviours and processes of which there will be some resistance. Nomosbank is probably one of the banks most capable of developing a real connection to customers, and creating genuine customer loyalty and a brand that will give its services value beyond the rational delivery.

The design is made of a series of standard components and can be configured into a number of operations and types of branches. The look across all branches is consistent and this becomes a localised recognition point. Each service module is based around their own previously implemented service propositions, and the planning is designed with specific customer journeys and customer experiences in mind, to be convenient, comfortable, enjoyable, and most of all appropriate to customer need.


Nomos Bank






Retail design

Interior Design

Furniture design

3d & render

I developed this project as Senior Designer at Senteo Europe sl.
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